• Municipal Committee Burewala

Highlights - Burewala

Highlights Date & Title
Highlights Video
WB Consultative session, to discuss the Environmental and Social Assessment of (WWTP) 19 June, 2023
Flag hosting ceremony at PMDFC on 14 August, 2023
Dr. Irshad Ahmad, Secretary, LG & CD Department expressing his views during his visit to Kamonki July 24, 2023
Training of Right to Information (RTI) by IS Section – PCP – PMDFC July 20, 2023
Field Study of Wastewater & Surface Water Treatment and Floating Wetlands Date: 18 June, 2023
GIZ to discuss potential collaboration opportunities for enhancing the capacity of Local Governments – 14 June, 2023
Mr. Mahmood Masood Tamana, GM ID, had a meeting with Mr. Ibrahim Hasan Murad, Interim Minister LG – May 12, 2023
A Training Workshop was organized today on the Upgraded PMS, “Baldia Shikyaat ”app & dynamic website – 8 March, 2023
Training on PPRA rules for 16 partner MCs under Punjab Cities Program. 24, Jan, 2023
Tree Conservation and Relocation Plan is being executed at MC Muridke under PCP – PMDFC. 24, Jan 2023.
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